Fatmans  Pottery

Yarn  Bowls

The Yarn Bowls I make have a specially trimmed foot and bottom which helps to keep the bowl stable while you pull the yarn. If your cat bothers your yarn bowl .... tip the bowl over... simple.


These Butter Bells are a great item that uses a small amount of water to seal off the butter from the outside air and the double ceramic wall insulates the butter keeping it cool and soft. No need to refrigerate your butter. No more tearing your bread, waffles or pancakes.


These are about 8" to 10" in diameter and can be used to cook in when used properly. They also make great serving dishes.

Dragon and other Incense Burners

The dragons are my favorite cone incense burners. They are slip cast porcelain and hand glazed to enhance the colors. I have also made Mushrooms for the stick incense and other burners like my Fish and the Big Mouth can be made to order. I also sell incense to go with them. All burners include a box of incense with your order.


I make bowls that are the right size for your needs. I make small bowls that are used to put ingredients in for making meals or to serve large amounts of foods.


These are taller and have straight sides compared to the mugs. Usually will hold an average amount of liquid, about 16 oz 


These mugs take a great deal of time to make, not only in creating but glazing as well. Each mug uses a sprig mold for the face, hands and feet. These are applied in a special way to enhance the appearance of the faces breaking thru the stein.


Honey Pots all come with the stick included in the price.


The mugs I make are well balanced and will keep your beverage of choice hot or cold, whichever it happens to be. My mugs can be done in single glaze colors or multiple colors.

Things that I can make ...